• Bio
  • GBOYSWAG (呂國緯)
  • Also known as GuGu (鼓鼓)
  • Born on April 28, 1984 (Taurus)
  • Taiwanese DJ, Composer, Song Writer
  • A member of Magic Power Band, together with GaGa (嘎嘎),TingTing (廷廷),LeiBao(雷堡),KaiKai (凱開),and AXiang (阿翔)
  • First solo debut with mini-album Make It Real in 2016 November
  • Language: Mandarin, English, Japanese
  • Education: Fu Jen Catholic University, major in Mathematics
  • Started the singing career with Magic Power Band in 2008
  • Record Label: B'in Music Co. Ltd; Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd.
  • Musical Instruments: jazz drums, piano, guitar, DJ turntables
  • Videos
"Uh-Huh" is a very popular way for the young generation to respond to a question, but many people may not know what...
  • Albums
  • Make It Real
  • Album  ·  December 3, 2016
  1. Uh-Huh (嗯哼)
  2. All Right (可以唷)
  3. Loving For Love (為愛而愛)
  4. I'm Super Ready
  5. Don't Love If Don't Know How (不會愛就別愛)
  6. Make It Real - feat. 40
  7. You Won't Love If I'm Not Bad (我不壞你不愛)
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