• Title: Man Under the Moon (月球下的人)
  • Artist: Gin Lee
  • Runtime: 4:48   Language: Cantonese
  • Date: April 10, 2016

Gin Lee sings the Cantonese song "Man Under the Moon" (月球下的人) with sweetness and grace. For the lyrics, she plays a character who likens herself to a woman on the moon looking down on her lover, the man under the moon. While they are worlds apart now, they can look upon each other through memories.

In a punctuated scene, Gin Lee peruses a number of mementos that remind her of beautiful and poignant times. These include photos, postcards, books and a small plastic-wrapped flower that looks like an old gift. She puts these one by one into her suitcase, which she delicately shuts at the end. The video ends on a peaceful note that shows an ability to cherish the past. The song was composed, arranged and produced by Feng Han Ming, and lyrics were written by Lin Ruo Ning.

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