• Title: Say Goodbye to Everyday (和每天講再見)
  • Artist: Gin Lee
  • Runtime: 4:30   Language: Cantonese
  • Date: July 2, 2017

Our priorities decide how we spend our time. Therefore, one of the challenges in life is probably deciding how to arrange different aspects of your life according to its importance. Is career more important than love? Is the future more important than the present? Gin Lee explores the meaning of life, as well as life priorities in her new song, “Say Goodbye to Everyday” (和每天講再見).

The song, composed by Alex Fung (馮翰銘) and Gin herself and written by renowned lyricist Lin Xi (林夕), talks about the frustrations of a pair of busy couple, trying to establish communicate to no avail. The lyrics say that “life is like attending banquets”, which accurately described people who are busy at work that they spend time entertaining others (perhaps their bosses, clients and friends), yet do not have time for their loved ones. Hence, Gin, despite having a powerful voice, expresses the agony of being torn in between career and love by singing the song emotionally and soulfully.

This is further expressed in the MV where Gin was starred as the female protagonist, who works hard to provide a better future as she will be getting married with her fiance. But as she started to be rushed by waves and waves of busyness, she lost sight of her priorities. The relationship between her and her fiance worsen as they miss out each other’s life important events, and slowly becoming each other’s most familiar stranger. In the end, the man packs up and leave the relationship, while the woman breaks down in regret and left the room, also symbolising her departure from the relationship.

Such is actually a common theme in modern relationships. Is it worth spending time on career so much that you forget the needs of important people and what life is actually about? Is the meaning of life all about having a good future? Perhaps, this ballad is a good reminder to all, to slow down the pace of life and cherish the present.

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