• Title: I'll Be Yours
  • Artist: Girl's Day
  • Runtime: 3:13   Language: Korean
  • Date: April 2, 2017

Girl’s Day is back with a catchy new song, "I’ll Be Yours", from their new album, Girl’s Day Everyday #5. Ryan S.Jhun, Emile Ghantous, Denzil Remedios, Keith Hetrick, K Nita and Alicia Stamko worked on the composition.

This upbeat, edgy tune is directed towards a guy, telling him that if he wants, "I’ll Be Yours". In the lyrics, Girl’s Day sings to the guy, saying that he should come closer and not be afraid. They want him to stop playing games and being shy, and just reveal how he feels.

With their glittering outfits and vivid colors, the music video is a sultry, glamorous burst of girlish fun. From the fast-paced choreography, to stepping on a guy’s foot in high heels, and playing a piano that’s on fire, the video adds to the edginess of the song.

"I’ll Be Yours" has a fun vibe that will definitely have you playing the song on repeat. The album, Girl ’s Day Everyday #5 is the fifth installment of their Everyday album series and after their hits like Darling, Expect and Something, you can already expect that the new album will be yet another hit.

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