• Title: Fly
  • Artist: GOT7
  • Runtime: 3:27   Language: Korean
  • Date: March 27, 2016

On March 21st, 2016, GOT7 released their new EP, Flight Log: Departure, taking on an airways theme. It is no surprise that the handsome boys will take their fans on a trip with this new album and their new music video for their title track, Fly. It's quite clear what the song is about: GOT7 wants to take you (their lover) on an unforgettable flight and they hope you will join them. The song is romantic as the guys serenade to the girl that she is the one that makes them so full and happy.

The song has a hint of R&B and hiphop and a very cheery note. We even see a snippet of a GOT7 home video. However, there may be a deeper hidden meaning as we see in the end, one of the members, falling endlessly, holds a solemn face with tear flying away from his eye. Then we see him wake up with a still face. Was this a happy dream or a sad dream?

GOT7 will continue with their FLY Tour which will be held in various countries such as Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, to name a few, including the USA.

Watch GOT7 - Fly - Dance Practice
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