• Title: Never Ever
  • Artist: GOT7
  • Runtime: 3:30   Language: Korean
  • Date: March 19, 2017

GOT7 is back on the music scene with their new single "Never Ever", fresh off their new album "Flight Log: Arrival". The song was written and composed by J.Y. Park, earattack, Zomay and Yoogeun, while 5$ also participated on the composition.

This time, the GOT7 boys sing about making the decision to start a romance and “never ever” letting go of the one they love. The lyrics describe the hesitation and confusion of the earlier stages of love, where the boys were uncertain that they could protect and be everything their lovers needed. Despite not being around for the times when their lovers called out to them, they ask for their lovers not to be afraid and not hesitate. The boys narrate how sorry they are, and promise to always be there from now on.

In the music video, GOT7 brings to us the choreography style that we know and love them for. It’s filled with emotion that tugs at our hearts, as if we are the love they’re singing to. The view switches in between to show each individual member singing, creating his own intense scene to tie in with the feeling of the song.

Flight Log: Arrival is the third addition to their Flight Log album series. Be sure to give the rest of the album a listen, for more fantastic GOT7 music!

Watch GOT7 - Flight Log: Arrival - Album Spoiler
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