• Title: You Are
  • Artist: GOT7
  • Runtime: 3:30   Language: Korean
  • Date: October 15, 2017

Have you found the one that would keep your spirits up when you’re down? GOT7 did, in their newest track “You Are” from the EP album entitled “7 For 7”!

The song talks about feelings of emptiness and meaninglessness creep up on them, and there is an empty gap in their hearts waiting to be filled, a feeling likened to how the day is like before the sun is up. It’s a feeling they wish and try to fill to wash away the tiredness, the pain and the confusion.

The lyics also describe when they think of the one that inspires them the most, their hearts fire up and these unwelcome thoughts seem to vanish. Whether it’s a tight, warm embrace, or the subtle touch of a hand, it is enough to fuel them to push forward, enough to make them run till they run out of breath. Her presence is enough to keep them alive and breathing. Like a clear sky, she is beautiful and it is enough to make the world feel like a different place, a better place. Like the rain falling from the sky, her presence washes away the pain.

GOT7’s “You Are” showers their music video with refreshing outdoor shots that ignites such calming feelings, conveying the feelings of freedom from our inhibitions after finding the ones that would serve as our inspirations. Feel inspired, give the music video of GOT7’s “You Are” a must-watch and check out their dance practice video for their high energetic choreography!

Watch GOT7 - You Are - Dance Practice Video
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