• Bio
  • Hebe Tien (田馥甄)
  • Also known as Tien Xi Bi (田喜碧)
  • Taiwanese Singer, Actress, Host. Member of S.H.E. (Taiwanese Mandopop Girl Group, whose members are Selina Jen, Hebe Tien, and Ella Chen)
  • Born in Taiwan on March 30, 1983 (Aries)
  • Started the singing career as a member of Taiwanese Mandopop girl group S.H.E. Also played the leading roles in couple of Taiwanese drama series.
  • Record Label: HIM International Music Inc.
  • Albums: To Hebe, My Love, Insignificance (渺小)
  • Popular Songs: My Love, You Better Not Think About Me (你就不要想起我), Uncertain Happiness (你快樂未必我快樂), Insignificance (渺小)
  • Awards: Golden Melody Awards; MTV Europe Music Awards
  • Videos
Loved A Friend For A Long Time (愛了很久的朋友) is the title of the new single by Hebe Tien (田馥甄). It was composed...
“Tale as old as time, true as it can be.” It is the well-known classic old tale between a pair of star-crossed...
Maybe most people have dreamed of a special love journey, to have a perfect mate appear in life. Hebe Tien’s Soul Mate...
“Love Yourself” (獨善其身) is the last song from Hebe Tien’s newest ablum “Day by Day”...
  • Albums
  • Loved A Friend For A Long Time (愛了很久的朋友)
  • Single  ·  March 29, 2018
  • Beauty And The Beast (美女與野獸)
  • Album  ·  February 14, 2017
  • Day by Day (日常)
  • Album  ·  July 13, 2016
  1. Day by Day (日常)
  2. Every Day Is a Miracle (人間煙火)
  3. Useless (無用)
  4. Your Body Speaks (身體都知道)
  5. Beautiful Prophecy (念念有詞)
  6. Soul Mate (靈魂伴侶)
  7. When You Are Gone (餘波蕩漾)
  8. What, Where (什麼, 哪裡)
  9. Pace Your Heart (慢舞)
  10. Love Yourself (獨善其身)
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