• Title: Love Yourself (獨善其身)
  • Artist: Hebe Tien
  • Runtime: 3:48   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: August 14, 2016

Love Yourself” (獨善其身) is the last song from Hebe Tien’s newest ablum “Day by Day” (日常). “Love yourself, then you can encounter other souls; take care of your heart, then you can understand others.” – Reading from the lyrics from Hebe Tien’s Love Yourself, it makes us think again how we should treat ourselves. With our fast-paced life style nowadays, when was the last time we stopped what we were doing and thought of why we were doing these? How many of us had the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing vacation without worrying about work and others? While we may not have answers to these questions, Hebe’s Love Yourself can help us remodel our life attitude.

Unlike many other music videos, the music video for Love Yourself does not have a storyline. Instead, Hebe dressed comfortably in a room painted with very soft colors, and stretched herself fully. While she was stretching, her body flowed smoothly, and the room rotated with her body movement, thus created a relaxed and peaceful setting.

The MV began with Hebe’s clear, empty, but high-pitched voice, and delivered to its audience a surprising but enjoyable audio-visual shock. So close your eyes and enjoy the peace and comfort. Only if you can love yourself, you can truly understand the meaning of life.

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