• Title: Soul Mate (靈魂伴侶)
  • Artist: Hebe Tien
  • Runtime: 5:14   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: September 11, 2016

Maybe most people have dreamed of a special love journey, to have a perfect mate appear in life. Hebe Tien’s Soul Mate also started with such a beautiful love story. Included in Hebe’s recent album Day By Day (日常), she narrated an aesthetic love experience with her introverted but spiritual voice. The song started with describing the extraordinary love Hebe has dreamed of, liking being a kite to chase the wind. But if the love comes to an ordinary man, she can also become ordinary to be a part of his life. Unfortunately, her love did not get a response, even though she has changed herself into ordinary.

The music video echoed the lyrics and told the story took place in Kagoshima, a beautiful small Japanese town. Hebe met her the special one in a local restaurant, and fell in love with him at the first sight. However, not every relationship can have a happy ending. They left each other, like leaving the pulled tooth and the cut hair. When Hebe looked back to the places they visited, she found these ordinary days have been carved into time and flew away. Hebe can only speak to her lover through the soul, and bury the love deep in her heart. Maybe ordinary killed their relationship, but this ordinary love is the most heart-warming.

So, please cherish those ordinary but precious affections around you, on your way to finding the special mate for your life!

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