• Title: And July (Feat. DEAN)
  • Artist: Heize
  • Runtime: 3:48   Language: Korean
  • Date: July 31, 2016

Heize released a new song, And July, from her EP album of the same name. The song features DEAN and DJ Frizz. The collaboration with Dean's smooth vocals and Heize unique's tone makes the song soothing and catchy at the same time.

The song talks about a rocky relationship where the couple hesitates about falling fully in love with each other as there are obstacles with denials and disagreements. Despite of the obstacles, both sing that they would still give them everything, even the world as long the other person just comes and asks. The lyrics also talks about how they miss each other which mean that the couples are probably away from each other for some time.

In the video, we can see the estranged relationship between Heize and Dean as when one of them pranks the other, the other one seeks revenge and pranks back. The house is a bit messy as well. We also see them end up looking beaten from a fight. But even so, both still stick together despite the bad jokes. Sometimes, it is the bad jokes that make couples enjoy each other's presence and want to still stick together.

The lyrics were made by Heize and Dean, where Dean also helped with composing, including DK, JBird, Esta, Hyuk Shin, and Delly Boi.

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