• Title: Don't Know You (널 너무 모르고)
  • Artist: Heize
  • Runtime: 3:15   Language: Korean
  • Date: July 11, 2017

It’s difficult to work through your emotions, especially when you’re looking back at things you could have done differently. The new music video from Heize, called “Don’t Know You”, creatively goes through sadness of realizing you never really understood your loved one. With a music video plot like “14 Ways to Lose Your Teddy Bear”, that includes a surprise appearance (SHINee's Onew) , it’s no surprise that “Don’t Know You” is an amusing yet emotional farewell.

In this new song from her latest album /// (You, Clouds, Rain), Heize sings about the regrets at the end of a relationship. She describes all the ways she pushed away the person she loved, by not holding them enough, taking more than she gave, and not paying enough attention to their love. The lyrics are melancholy, describing how you can work hard to love someone, and even change for them, without realizing that you’ve drifted apart.

Loving someone can be a challenge, especially when careers and money get in the way, and “Don’t Know You” is a soft farewell. “Don’t Know You” is a funny and sad music video to match the tender melody and lyrics. Heize spins a story about wanting to return the love she received, and her story is definitely worth a listen.

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