• Title: Jenga feat. Gaeko
  • Artist: Heize
  • Runtime: 3:34   Language: Korean
  • Date: March 24, 2018

Heize refuses to play the game of love any longer in her latest track entitled “Jenga” featuring Gecko. The song, composed by Heize and DAVII, is from her new mini-album entitled “Wish & Wind”.

The lyrics, written by Heize and Gaeko, talk about the love that she invested herself in, accumulating so many bits and pieces and building on the emotion, just like how a game of Jenga is played. She took too many of his memories in her heart and made it her anchor. Like a Jenga tower that’s built up too high, she’s at the risk of falling apart if he takes as much as a piece of him away from her. She’s wants to quit, but she’s in too deep with love to walk away without a devastating cost. She knows how it’ll end, she’s terrified and anxious, but she knows he doesn’t reciprocate her feelings anymore.

The video shows Heize in top of the various stacks, too high up and unable to get down. It’s both a witty and sad depiction of how love can be tedious, exhausting and dangerous, especially if you put too much effort and receive so little in return. Gecko’s participation completes Heize’s painful yet moving message in the song. The video also contains some scenes from previous MV Don't Know You but the audience may need time to figure out how they are related. Nonetheless, Heize’s “Jenga” is a sweet, sorrowful song that deserves a spot in your playlist.

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