• Title: The Wind (風起了)
  • Artist: Hins Cheung
  • Runtime: 4:28   Language: Cantonese
  • Date: December 11, 2016

How can anyone ever wipe an unforgettable love off the memory? These experiences have deeply planted into our brains and kept on coming back to us one way or another. In Hins Cheung's (張敬軒) "The Wind" (風起了), he shared the experience of revisiting his past sweet memory in his dreams. Composed and written by Nick Ngai​ (倪力) and produced by Hins, this song was included in Hins' album Vibes.

The lyrics narrated Hins' dream of holding his ex-girlfriend in the wind and enjoyed their moments. Although there were promises he did not get a chance to make them become true while they were together, he wished he could go back to the past and took his opportunities proposing to her. After he woke up, all the memories were gone and he was back to the reality. While it seemed the wind had taken away everything, Hins was thankful that he had the most wonderful time with his ex-girlfriend.

The music video explained the lyrics with the same story, starting with Hins woke up in the morning, and brought the audiences along into the dream he had. Starred by Judy Mok (莫茱迪), she and Hins played many sweet and unforgettable scenes took place when they were together, emphasized their happiness back then. When Hins eventually made Judy's dream of living in a small house by the ocean comes true, Judy was no longer with him. While Hins could only live in his sweet dreams and woke up lonely, the wind by the ocean outside pass by as usual, taking away the past memories with it.

Past memories track down our life paths and are precious. They may replay and extend in our dreams and give us courage. However, the past has really gone. What is more important is to look forward to the future.

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