• Title: Diamond Sunset
  • Artist: Hiroomi Tosaka
  • Runtime: 3:42   Language: Japanese
  • Date: October 29, 2017

Diamond Sunset by Hiroomi Tosaka is the solo track of his second single, which also shares the same name. According to Avex, the music, produced by top DJs in the world Afrojack, is a tropical house and a J-POP hybrid. The song discusses the idea of a man’s yearning for the woman after casually meeting her at a gathering of friends.

The largely English lyrics establish how he can’t wait to see her again and gaze into her eyes again, which he describes as the “Diamond Sunset”. There are only two stanzas in Japanese, the first of which describes how he first sees her among his friends, noticing her long hair, and how the light of the sunset illuminated her cheeks, revealing her beauty to him. The second reveals that he ultimately does gets close to her, and that over the course of the evening, she entrusts him with her body, and that the time that they spent together that night illuminated the darkness, further fueling his yearning for her.

The visuals complement this, being filmed entirely in the sunset, with most scenes featuring him dancing by himself, interspersed with clips of him reminiscing about her, how she looked, and moved, visibly illustrating his idealized image of the diamond sunset. Perhaps we too, in our own lives, wish to experience our own diamond sunsets.

Also don't miss out the performance music video which features some of the top professional dancers in LA.

Watch Diamond Sunset - Performance MV
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