• Title: LUXE feat. CRAZYBOY
  • Artist: Hiroomi Tosaka
  • Runtime: 5:31   Language: Japanese
  • Date: February 24, 2018

The digital single ‘LUXE’ is sang by Hiroomi Tosaka feat. CRAZYBOY and produced by Afrojack. The song is the third in Hiroomi Tosaka’s ‘Solo Project’. Performer ELLY from J Soul Brothers III is also featured in the music video.

The lyrics, written by Hiroomi Tosaka, is in half Japanese half English. The distinct style of vernacular and prescence of rhymes at the end of lines in the lyrics make the song especially catchy. Lines such as ‘disregarding the disrespect, no one can stop this’, ’I just do what I wanna no matter what others say’, ‘I am in the 4th dimensionality for you guys, appointed by the gods’ convey a sense of overwhelming self-importance and at the same time determination.

The visuals in the music video match up with the intensity conveyed in the lyrics by alluding to graphic images of burning, destruction and physical harm. The visual effects used in the dancing scene brings the video closer to the song’s rhythm, and the last scene with effects of the singer’s body shattering into pieces shows the underlying stress he feels from staying true to himself.

The song teaches us the importance of following our hearts no matter what discouragement we might receive from the others. This attitude towards life could help us get closer to our goals.

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