• Title: Wasted Love feat. Afrojack
  • Artist: Hiroomi Tosaka
  • Runtime: 3:43   Language: Japanese
  • Date: August 13, 2017

"Wasted Love" is the first solo digital single of Hiroomi Tosaka, one of the vocalists of the group Sandaime J Soul Brothers. The song is a collaboration between Tosaka and Afrojack, who is the music producer and top DJ that was in charge of producing the hit Sandaime J Soul Brothers song "Summer Madness." "Wasted Love" is a pop song based in EDM, trap music, and hip-hop, and its MV was directed by Jun Shim.

"Wasted Love" is a chronicle of a romance that ended in heartache. Interestingly, the neither the lyrics nor the video tell the complete story, and thus must be experienced together. The lyrics describe a whirlwind relationship that begins with instant chemistry, with only a few hints that the relationship has since ended. The video, on the other hand, makes it very clear that the relationship is being remembered, with a decidedly bittersweet filter over those memories.

Also make sure you watch the performance video below for more high energetic dance moves!

Watch Hiroomi Tosaka - Wasted Love - Performance Ver.
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