• Bio
  • Hiroya Ozaki
  • Born on 24 July 1989 (Leo)
  • Origin: Tokyo, Japan
  • Japanese singer-songwriter
  • Genres: Pop, R&B
  • Son of Japanese singer Yutaka Ozaki, he moved to Boston after his father’s death when he was 2 with his mother
  • In 2016, he covered his father's song "I Love You" in music show "Ongaku no Hi"
  • Record Label: Toy Factory
  • Popular songs: Someday Smile, Hajimari no Machi (始まりの街, cover of his father’s song)
  • Videos
Glory Days by Hiroya Ozaki is the first track of his new 4-track EP, Seize The Day, which, as the title suggests, has an...
  • Albums
  • Seize The Day
  • Single  ·  October 4, 2017
  1. Glory Days
  2. Shiawasekai (シアワセカイ)
  3. Ai Ka Koi Nante(Dou Demo II Ya) (愛か恋なんて(どうでもいいや))
  4. Kimi To Mi Ta Tooriame (君と見た通り雨)
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