• Title: Dilemma (딜레마)
  • Artist: Homme
  • Runtime: 3:05   Language: Korean
  • Date: September 18, 2016

Homme has made a new single for their song, Dilemma, which is a sad song that reflects on love, hate, and regret. In the video, we see the man and woman having a great time together. They spend time like any other couple, joking around and sharing intimate moments. However, in the end we see them sitting at a table, not talking. Eventually, the scene changes to the woman sitting at the table alone and the man has walked out.

The song talks about how the man hates the woman, but at the same time he still loves her. He doesn't want it to be this way, but he is confused about how the woman actually feels towards him. The whole situation reflects to the song's title, "Dilemma", where the situation of loving and hating her at the same time is a dilemma. But we still get that nostalgia in the song that he still wants to be with her and wants her to understand what she has done wrong.

The song was composed and written by Hitman Bang, leader of Big Hit Entertainment, and BTS' leader, Rap Monster.

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