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  • 4 members – Vocals, guitar, piano: Kouta Takenawa (竹縄航太); Guitar: Kenshi Kuroki (黒木健志); Bass: Yoshinori Hashimoto (橋本佳紀); Drums: Tōru Iwano (岩野亨)
  • From Kanagawa, Japan
  • Genre: piano rock
  • The band officially formed on September 24, 2009.
  • In 2007, the 3 members (Takenawa, Kuroki, and Iwano) were classmates in school and all members of a music club in school. At the time they were all leaders of different bands, but in 2009, all of their bands disbanded around the same time. Wanting to continue making music, the three planned to start a new band together. Takenawa’s acquaintance, Hashimoto, also joined the lineup.
  • The band came up with the name Howl Be Quiet because they wanted to combine two opposing concepts – howling quietly – because it seemed fitting for the way they felt when playing live, like they were shouting inside their minds. It took them eight hours of brainstorming before they finally decided!
  • Management: Toys Factory
  • Record Label: E.C.G. (2013-2014); Pony Cannon (2016 – present)
  • Popular Songs: Good Bye, Monster World, Wake We Up
  • Albums: Good Bye, Monster World, Wake We Up, Birdcage.EP
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“Scarlet Kadsura” is the title track of HOWL BE QUIET’s third single. Written and composed by Kota Takenawa,...
  • Albums
  • Sanekazura
  • Single  ·  December 14, 2016
  1. Scarlet Kadsura (サネカズラ)
  2. Higher Climber
  3. Dousite
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