• Title: Imperfect Me (情人自擾)
  • Artist: Hubert Wu
  • Runtime: 3:19   Language: Cantonese
  • Date: April 2, 2017

Composed by Terence Lam (林家謙) and written by Riley Lam (林若寧), Hubert Wu's (胡鴻鈞) newest single "Imperfect Me" (情人自擾) taught us that not every love journey is a happy experience.

The lyrics entailed the hero's mixed feeling of jealousy, inferiority, and uneasy while being in love. The comparison between himself and the others made him feel humble and anxious, so he considered liking someone as his weakness. The deeper he fell in love, the more helpless and impotence he trapped himself into. Although it was a conflict of wanting to love and feeling scared of losing, love had been a regret experience for him.

In the music video, Hubert acted as the confusing and self-contemptuous person described in the song. From his lost eyes to his decadent facial expression, Hubert delivered a strong impression of the imperfect feeling. The dark room symbolized his inferiority mindset, and the two faces represented the concealed analogy of the inner conflict. When he looked himself in the mirror, he might have realized his weakness and urged to break through; however, his uneasy personality continued to lock him within his own inferior world.

Love is a two-sided sword that can go the wrong way. If your love experience turned your life into a miserable world, then you probably would be better off without it. Seeking for help may be an option, but confidence and trust that you need can't be built overnight.

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