• Title: Let Me Let Go (讓我放開)
  • Artist: Hubert Wu
  • Runtime: 4:02   Language: Cantonese
  • Date: April 17, 2016

Hubert Wu's Let Me Let Go (讓我放開) is featured in his album Knowing (明知故犯). This song is about the protagonist who has to let go of his loved one whom he has been loving dearly for 10 years, because the passion between them has changed along the passage of time. He attempts to recount the memories as the song begins, but the narrative quickly shifts to the sentiments of the protagonist as he is seized by the current heartbroken feelings he is suffering from. Despite of this, he still wishes the best future for his beloved girl and bears all the sadness by himself as he sings the struggles towards breaking up.

This song, after all, is a means of expression of the protagonist as he is captured by the interweaving sweet memories from the past and sadness in the present. The MV features Hubert Wu himself as well as Candice C. as his (ex-)girlfriend. From the lyrics, it seems that the male protagonist is the only sufferer from remembering all the sweetness in their love; however, the MV, as supplementary to the vocal part of the song, shows the silent expression of his (ex-)girlfriend, who cries as she also recalls all the happiness with the protagonist.

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