• Title: Paradise (파라다이스)
  • Artist: Hyolyn
  • Runtime: 3:25   Language: Korean
  • Date: November 20, 2016

Welcome to paradise. It comes in the form of Hyolyn’s Paradise, lead single of her 2nd EP, It’s Me. This fast and upbeat song features lyrics written by Sungwoo Jung Ah. Park Geuntae, Choi Jinseok, Anne Judith Wik and Ronny Svendsen helped with the composition and arrangement.

Everything about Paradise, from the lyrics to the choreography and colors are bold. There are many fun scenes, from dancing in pastel colors to a more hip hop style. Hyolyn also dances sexily in front of a wall of lights and in a large H. It gives off the feeling that she is a true star.

The tune is catchy as well, with a sudden remix about halfway. Throughout, her trademark smile never disappears and matches the confident and flirty lyrics. She sings to a man who is perfect but resists temptation. But how do you resist Hyolyn? She’s different and is taking up the challenge to find his limit. She wants to open his heart, make it hot and show him the dazzling paradise. These are bold statements, and with her beautiful voice, the song becomes both powerful and playful. Hyolyn never fails to impress and we hope for more releases soon!

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