• Title: Mystery
  • Artist: Hyoyeon
  • Runtime: 3:10   Language: Korean
  • Date: December 11, 2016

Feeling a little cold from the holiday season? If you want a song that’ll warm you right up, give a listen to Hyoyeon’s recently released song ‘Mystery’ as part of S.M Entertainment’s Station music project. Hyoyeon is part of the girl group Girl’s Generation and is most definitely not shy in showcasing her talents.

Composed by David Amber and Devyn Rush, the song has a tribal like beat that is rather addicting. Hyoyeon’s vocals are smooth and goes along with the beat, her voice sends you into a bit of a trance to match the sultry and mysterious vibe of her music video. In the music video, she also showcases her dance skills. However, it’s not the usual hip hop or cutesy dance moves. Instead, it leans more towards that of a seductive vibe and Hyoyeon pulls it off in a heartbeat.

With the mysterious and seductive vibe going on in the music video and song, the lyrics also matches it perfectly. The song talks about someone entranced by a girl and slowly falling for her. He follows her movements, acts like he’s fallen for her in a heartbeat and is almost hypnotized. She doesn’t hold back either, telling him to come and get it.

This song will sure not to disappoint you and will set your heart ablaze this winter.

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