• Title: Babe (베베)
  • Artist: HyunA
  • Runtime: 3:23   Language: Korean
  • Date: September 10, 2017

Love casts a spell so blinding that it sometimes makes us want to revert back into our past selves. That is the kind of love showcased in HyunA’s latest song entitled “Babe” from her 6th mini album “Following”. HyunA’s participation in producing the album guarantees a chic, personal touch.

HyunA begins by mentioning her current age of 26 in the lyrics of “Babe” and narrates how her love, her special someone, can make her feel like a complete stranger even to herself. She longs to be called “babe” and how hearing that makes her feel younger, more youthful. The simple word, full of sweet love, makes her act in ways that is a complete contrast to her invincible self, showing a gentler, more vulnerable version of herself yet, there is this wish within that her special someone will find it cute and endearing anyway. With a powerful love like that, sleepless nights haunt her, as she finds it harder and harder to stop thinking about her special love.

In the music video of “Babe”, HyunA gives her audience a mesmerizing dance performance in outfits reminiscent of her youth. The song itself gives a salute to young love and how some relationships can make us feel like the younger, innocent versions of ourselves. “Babe” is catchy song that’s easy to jam to, so go ahead and give the song and the music video lots of support!

Watch Babe - Choreography Practice Video
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