• Title: Lip & Hip
  • Artist: HyunA
  • Runtime: 3:40   Language: Korean
  • Date: December 10, 2017

HyunA is back again, bold and daring with her latest single entitled ‘Lip & Hip’! It’s seductive, it’s mature, and it’s an exciting concept that HyunA pull off fabulously!

The lyrics of the song narrates how all her attention is on one man alone. She’s someone every man wants to covet, yet she’s striving to capture the kiss of the man whom she wants him to see her special and precious, very much like a regal queen who can capture the heart of a majestic king. There’s an irresistibly strong attraction between them two, and she wants to hold onto that spark while it lasts. All the feelings that words can’t fully deliver and the mind can’t fully comprehend, she’ll express using her sweet lip and oh so fancy hip.

The music video is a glorious temptation to all of HyunA’s fans as she unleashes her sexy swag and feisty seduction with her dance moves. She captures the essence of the song with an overall splendid performance, and it’s definitely something you wouldn’t want to miss on. Watch and listen to HyunA’s ‘Lip & Hip’ now!

Watch Lip & Hip - Dance Practice Video
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