• Title: Whatta Man (Good man)
  • Artist: I.O.I
  • Runtime: 3:55   Language: Korean
  • Date: August 21, 2016

Want a mix of cute and sultry? South Korean girl group ‘I.O.I’ recently released their new single ‘Whatta Man (Good Man)’, the song itself is inspired by Linda Lynell’s ‘What a Man’. Sung by sub-group - 7 members (Nayoung, Chungha, Jieqiong,Sohye, Yoojung, Doyeon, Somi) of ‘I.O.I’, the song is produced by Ryan S. Jhun, Emile Ghantous, and other well-known producers .

The girls sing about falling in love and waiting for a boy to make the first move and that if he doesn’t take this chance he’ll be bound to regret it in the future. The music video story is too easily stereotyped as a boy dumps a girl as he deems her not attractive enough, the girl gets some help from others to help her with her fashion, makeup and confidence. Eventually, the boy tries to get the girl’s attention but she decides at that point that he isn’t worth it anymore. Even with this rather stereotyped plot, the girls inject their own personalities into the video which make it rather amusing to watch, especially since you seem to end up rooting for the girl and eagerly await her transformation.

I.O.I’ does showcase their different talents and even with the minimal screen time for each girl, their personalities were able to come through along with their vocal strength. This refreshing, talented girl group is sure to become a hit with listeners worldwide.

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