• Title: BANKA
  • Artist: illion
  • Runtime: 5:40   Language: Japanese
  • Date: September 10, 2017

BANKA by illion serves as the main track of the Deluxe Edition release of his second album, P.Y.L. From the very outset, the song allows for a broad range of interpretations of its gloomy themes, as can be seen from the creative decision to leave the title romanized. Depending on how it is written in Kanji, it could mean “Elegy”, “Late Summer” or “Many Changes”.

All three possibilities are equally powerful images to go along with the lyrics, which repeatedly discuss how the speaker is isolated and impeded on his path forward by the larger world out there. Thus ultimately leads him to adopt a very dejected and unfriendly view of the world, which he warns about in the chorus that cautions people against relying on love or even expressing it. This further adds to the ideas of relationships breaking and becoming distanced in the song.

This is also reflected on a visual level where the only scenes in which he is not standing alone and singing are largely colored in a grey overlay, denoting that these are past memories, and that many of them involve others being hostile towards him in the past. The heavy use of close-up shots also add to this sense of exclusion and singularity as a lone individual in the song.

These conflicting ideas all tie into the themes of Tokyo Ghoul, the popular manga series, for whose live-action film adaptation this song served as the main theme track.

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