• Title: Tell Me
  • Artist: INFINITE
  • Runtime: 3:59   Language: Korean
  • Date: January 21, 2018

INFINITE returns with a sorrowful heart filled with longing and regret in the latest music video of their track entitled “Tell Me”, from their newest album “TOP SEED”.

The song lyrics tell us about a kind of longing that’s become too unbearable as time continues to tick on. Looking back, there is a realization that the actions made in the past were mistakes, probably ones that were too easy to correct, except the resolve to let go was much stronger than the resolve to hold on. Mind and heart dictates with a desire to turn back the wasted time, but there’s not enough pieces of the broken past left to hold on to, only regrets and an empty heart. There’s a plea for that one special love to return just so he could hear her voice again, even if it’s just a subtle whisper coming from her. It’s a selfish thought, but it’s almost a promise that he’ll try to become a better man for her if she returns.

The music video shows us how it looks and feels like to miss someone so much, and to look for them in a seemingly unsolvable maze. The Infinite members did a fine job of portraying such powerful emotions of love and desperation. The song, the dance and the video perfectly blend to give us a quality song that oozes with so much emotion. Watch “Tell Me” and give INFINITE’s return much love and support.

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