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  • i☆Ris
  • 6 members - Saki Yamakita, Azuki Shibuya, Himika Akaneya, Yuu Serizawa, Miyu Kubota, and Yuuki Wakai. All six members sing.
  • The group came into being after the six girls were selected in the 2012 Anison Vocal Audition. Their first single, "Color", was released the same year.
  • Genre: pop
  • Record labels: Avex Group, 81 Produce.
  • Albums: Cover☆Ris (mini-album), We are i☆Ris!!!
  • The members of i☆Ris are voice actresses as well as singers, with each singer voicing a character in the arcade game Prism Paradise (also called PriPara). Prism Paradise has also been adapted into an anime series and a several anime films.
  • Each of the girls has a color assigned to them. This is often shown in promotional materials. Saki's color is green, Azuki's is yellow, Himika's is purple, Yuu's is blue, Miyu's is orange, and Yuuki's is red.
  • Videos
"Goin'on," the latest single from the all-female Japanese group i☆Ris, is a joyful song about friendship,...
  • Albums
  • Goin'on
  • Single  ·  February 17, 2016
  1. Goin'on
  2. Baby...
  3. Kirari (キラリ)
  4. Goin'on (instrumental)
  5. Baby... (instrumental)
  6. Kirari (キラリ) (instrumental)
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