• Title: Last Night Story (어젯밤 이야기)
  • Artist: IU
  • Runtime: 4:12   Language: Korean
  • Date: September 30, 2017

IU adds a unique emotion and colors to her remake of the song ‘Last Night Story’. The song is from her second remake album ‘Kkot-Galpi #2: A Flower Bookmark’, a collection of IU’s personal selection of songs released in the past, all of which may be likened to her favorite flower bookmarks.

In the song lyrics, IU states how she started disliking and hating her special someone just the previous night because of how he left her heart in pain. Amid all the partying, dancing and the spinning lights, she felt lonely. She was suffering, feeling every bit jealous each time her friends held his hands while they danced. Despite it all, she’s determined not to give up on him even if other try to trade him for the world.

The song and the music video perfectly captured what it must feel like to be lonely even when everyone around you is happy, just like how IU is dressed in all black in such a bright and colorful setting. She’s seen crying and smiling in the video, but she mainly remains poker-faced as she sings, feeling hurt and out of place.

Last Night Story’ is a beautiful song that is worth the remake. Go ahead and give the music video a watch and don’t forget to check out the other songs from ‘Kkot-Galpi #2’, an album peppered with IU’s collaboration with various musicians from a variety of generations and genres.

Watch IU - Last Night Story - Behind The Scenes
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