• Title: Zhi Shi Mei You Ru Guo (只是沒有如果)
  • Artist: Jane Zhang
  • Runtime: 5:09   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: May 8, 2016

A duet with Reno Wang, Jane Zhang's new song Zhi Shi Mei You Ru Guo (只是沒有如果) provides a merciless answer to the timeless question: what if? - But dear, there is no what if. As the end song to the upcoming Chinese drama Precious Youth (那年青春 我們正好), Zhi Shi Mei You Ru Guo condenses the central dramatic tensions into a song, telling the dynamics between the protagonists Liu Shi Shi and Zheng Kai in the drama.

The lyrics recount the innocent trivial encounters of the lovers years ago; how they were walking together, and how their hearts were beating fast for each other. However, innocent smiles can no longer be found on their faces as time passed and they had to take detours in life.

The MV recalls the good memories from the younger ages of the lovers, and also displays the struggles they face as they move forward in time. After all, decisions that are made have been made; all good memories remain memories that are to be borne in mind and the heart. There is, unfortunately, no wind back to the past, and of course there could not be "what if".

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