• Title: Butterfly (穿花蝴蝶)
  • Artist: Janice Vidal
  • Runtime: 4:20   Language: Cantonese
  • Date: April 3, 2016

"Who are you?", "Who am I?" Janice Vidal asks, in her new song Butterfly (穿花蝴蝶). As her first single after joining Warner Music 2016, Janice and her team traveled to Taiwan to have the MV filmed by the award-winning director Jude Chen.

The lyricist describes Janice, who is in her transitional period in her musical career, as a caterpillar that is about to break through its surrounding cocoon to become a butterfly. This song leads the audience to the Janice's self-seeking and self-exploration journey; it signifies Janice's new turning point as she leaves her old label - the MV opens with a broken mirror, along with Janice asking "who are you" at the reflection she sees in the fragmented pieces - she is lost and uncertain. As the song proceeds, now, this premature caterpillar has grown and is all ready to undergo a metamorphosis - to transform with Warner Music into a confident and proud butterfly - to show her talents to the world; she is no longer confined in the room as we see her standing alone in the beginning of the MV.

Like how the lyrics describes, she is well-prepared to fly towards the vast sky fearlessly. Have you found out who you are like Janice did? The diva now walks boldly in the countryside like a butterfly curiously exploring the surrounding world, where the only thing that confines her is the air of freedom that has no boundaries.

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