• Title: Frames (一格格)
  • Artist: Janice Vidal
  • Runtime: 4:06   Language: Cantonese
  • Date: May 28, 2017

Every girl wants to have a dream vacation and meet her significant others. It is such a romantic and sweet feeling that no one can resist. In Janice Vidal's (衛蘭) newest single Frames (一格格), she vividly described this kind of feeling that is everyone's fantasy.

Frames’s composers include Chen Zi Long (陳子龍) and it was written by Chen Yong Qian (陳詠謙). The lyrics narrated a girl's illusion she had every trip, in which she met her lover. In her imagination, she heard the bell from the church and the rhythm of the chorus, and she had the best kiss with her Mr. Right. While she enjoyed the feeling, she wished she could frame all the moments and take them with her. When she was ready to depart, the fantasy bubble also broke, and she could only yearn about these framed moments.

If the song itself made you feel the sweetness in the air, the music video had totally visualized it. Janice acted as the girl described in her song and started her seeking for the man on London's street. With a camera on hand, she captured all the beautiful sights as she toured. Even though she did not eventually find the one she was looking for, it was a great trip and left her a lot of memories.

Life is also like a trip. You walk down the path, see sights, and meet people. It is a continuous yet exciting adventure at every stage of your life. You will never know when and where you will meet and fall in love with the one to spend the rest of the life with you. If you keep your dreams up and continue seeking, you will find the right one after all.

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