• Title: Half A Step Away (差半步)
  • Artist: Janice Vidal
  • Runtime: 4:14   Language: Cantonese
  • Date: August 27, 2017

Have you ever felt a mixture of anger and regret when you miss an important train? Or sense of regret and disappointment when you miss an important meeting? Has it ever crossed your mind that love can happen in the same way?

Half A Step Away (差半步), performed by Janice Vidal (衛蘭), talks about a love is not only about finding the right one, but falling in love at the right moment. Penned by Riley Lam (林若寧), the song cleverly uses missing trains and wrong meeting time to describe a woman’s disappointment in being unable to be together with the man she loves, because she missed the right opportunity to accept his love. The man eventually marries another woman, and in desperation and disappointment, the woman can only wish that they can have another chance to love each other in their next life.

The ballad, composed by Kenix Cheang@ Private Zoo, uses simple and clean piano melody to reflect the sighs and regrets experienced by the female protagonist in the story. Janice perfectly performed the song as she sings in a monologue style, almost as if she is recounting her own story to you who is listening to the song and experiencing her sorrow in this unfortunate love. In the video, Janice is seen going around places alone in a foreign place, which not only expresses her loneliness, it also shows that she is trying to move on. The sepia and monochromic cinematography of the video also beautifully captured the mood of the song, bringing the audience into the gloomy and downcast atmosphere.

We can take the next train if we miss one, we can set another time for meeting if we got it wrong, but one can never find the same person to love if you miss the right opportunity to accept a love. So, take a chance in love if you come across one, because love never waits.

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