• Title: The Gaze (凝視)
  • Artist: Janice Yan
  • Runtime: 4:40   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: December 23, 2016

Janice Yan's (閻奕格) "The Gaze" (凝視) is the tail song for the Taiwan idol drama "High 5 Basketball" (High 5 制霸青春). Composed by Yang Zi Pu (楊子樸) and written by Chen Xin Ting (陳信廷), this song expressed the encouragement and blessing for the basketball players in the drama.

The lyrics narrated the heroine's thought process when she gazed the hero practicing basketball under the afternoon sun. while she was moved by the hero's efforts and commitments to basketball, she wished him to keep up with his bravery and smile, and to overcome all difficulties for his dream and goals.

The music video was built based on the drama scenes. Blended with Janice's sweet, pure image and her clean, clear voice, the music video replayed the stories of two basketball players (starred by Luo Hong Zheng - 羅弘證 and Lian Cheng Xiang - 連晨翔) in the same high school basketball team. While they both went through tough and discouraging moments, their supporters (starred by Cheng Yu Xi - 程予希and Lin Si Yu - 林思宇) had been on their sides accompanying and encouraging them. Love bloomed when they tried to achieve the same goals, and the players' hard work finally got paid off with the excellent performance in the game.

Without an up-and-down rhythm, “The Gaze” ran into our hearts like a slow-moving creek. However, it taught us a very important lesson - The efforts will be rewarded if you try hard. Let's give a high 5 to all those working hard for their dreams!

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