• Bio
  • Jay Chou (周杰倫)
  • Born in Taiwan on 18 January 1979 (Capricorn)
  • Often labeled as king of Asian Pop, is very well-known for his mumbling, which was due to the lack of clear enunciation when he sings or raps.
  • Taiwanese musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, director, and actor
  • Record Labels: Alfa Music (1997 to 2007), Sony Taiwan Music and JVR Music
  • Popular Songs: Listen to Mom (聽媽媽的話), Hair Like Snow (髮如雪), Blue and White Porcelain (青花瓷), Black Humor (黑色幽默), Tornado (龍捲風), What kind of Man (算什麼男人).
  • Awards: Best Composer and Best Male Mandarin Artist in Golden Melody Awards, Best Selling Chinese artist in World Music Awards.
  • Albums: Fantasy (范特西), On The Run (我很忙), Aiyo, Not Bad (哎呦,不錯哦)
  • Films: Initial D, Curse of the Golden Flower, The Green Hornet
  • Videos
Start listening to Jay Chou’s Tu Er Qi Ice Cream, you may easily relate it to a love song with the comparison between the...
“Shouldn’t Be” (不該) is Jay Chou’s first duet song with the Taiwanese pop diva A-Mei, and is...
Bedtime Stories (床邊故事) is the title song for Jay Chou’s most recent album Jay Chou’s Bedtime Stories...
Keeping his oath of producing an MV for every song for his fans, Jay Chou once again delivers another masterpiece for an...
  • Albums
  • Bedtime Stories (床邊故事)
  • Album  ·  June 24, 2016
  1. Bedtime Stories (床邊故事)
  2. Stay Away (說走就走)
  3. A little Bit (一點點)
  4. Lover From Previous Life (前世情人)
  5. Hero (英雄)
  6. Shouldn’t Be (不該)
  7. Turkish Ice Cream (土耳其冰激凌)
  8. Confession Balloon (告白氣球)
  9. Now You See Me
  10. Incapable to Loves (愛情廢柴)
  • Aiyo, not bad (哎呦, 不錯哦)
  • Album  ·  December 26, 2014
  1. Yang-Ming Mountain (陽明山)
  2. Stolen Love (竊愛)
  3. What Kind of Man (算什麼男人)
  4. Passer-by (天涯過客)
  5. What's Wrong (feat. Cindy Yen) (怎麼了)
  6. One Breath (一口氣全唸對)
  7. I Want Summer (feat. Gary Yang) (我要夏天)
  8. Handwritten Past (手寫的從前)
  9. Extra Large Shoes (鞋子特大號)
  10. Listen to Dad (聽爸爸的話)
  11. Mermaid (美人魚)
  12. Rhythm of the Rain (聽見下雨的聲音)
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