• Title: Fantasy
  • Artist: JBJ
  • Runtime: 3:24   Language: Korean
  • Date: October 29, 2017

JBJ marks their identity with a new song entitled “Fantasy”, the title track from their first EP album of the same name. The album’s theme “Dreams do come true” is a depiction of JBJ’s new beginning: a dream-come-true-team that started as a fantasy, finally coming to life through the fans’ calling.

In the lyrics, JBJ sings that when you desperately want them and call for them, they’ll awaken all the senses spread all over your body. They are a more than just a fantasy that can stop time and space, they’re also sweet poison no one can reject. They are the sum of all your dreams, imagination, and passion – springing into reality from all those and taking the lead afterwards to guide you through a maze of emotions and worry. They are both a breathtaking ride and a sweet prison that you can neither halt nor stop from falling into. You can take them as much as you want them, because they are a masterpiece made with all that you are: they are your ultimate “Fantasy”.

Written by Kim Sang-kyun and Gwon Hyeon-bin themselves, “Fantasy” traps you into a trance filled with JBJ’s charms. The music video’s dream-like quality adds to flare to the emotions that the song invokes.

Go ahead, dive deeper into your imagination as you watch and listen to JBJ’s “Fantasy” and don't miss the other performance video!

Watch Fantasy - Performance Ver.
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