• Title: Fly
  • Artist: Jessica Jung
  • Runtime: 4:44   Language: Korean
  • Date: May 29, 2016

After leaving SM Entertainment and Girls' Generation, Jessica Jung came back to the music scene with her first solo album under Coridel Entertainment. The album is called With Love, J and the first song featured is Fly, which a music video had also been released to accompany the song.

The song is fun and bright, embodying a carefree atmosphere. We see Jessica in a desert land and she is dreaming about venturing to this "snowy wonderland." Therefore, there are many scenes where we see snow globes, Jessica trying on winter clothes, and her attempting to emulate snow themes in her desert home such as building a "sandman" instead of a snowman. In the end, we see her make the decision to leave her desert home and go out to seek the snowy wonderland that she dreams about.

This song is all about encouragement, never giving up, and reaching for your dreams. As we can hear, Jessica says that our wings are meant for us to fly out and reach beyond the clouds and sky. Jessica sets up the perfect example of getting back on her feet despite the challenges she has faced in the music industry. We can tell that she is telling us that if she could do it, then so can we.

Fly is composed by Jessica herself, including the lyrics. Fabolous, who is featured as the rapper in the song, also participated in the song's composition. Other team members were Karriem Mack (Kmack), Eric Fernandez (Vekz), Tatiana Matthews (Tatu) , and Jay Kim who all took part in the song's composition, arrangement, and production.

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