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  • JiaJia (家家), also known as Ji JiaYing (紀家盈)
  • Taiwanese aborigine singer, composer, song writer
  • Born in Taiwan on January 8, 1983 (Capricorn)
  • Started singing career as a member of singing group "WuEn JiaJia" (吳恩家家) in 2006 with album "Blue In Love" (藍色情詩篇), in which Wu En is the uncle of JiaJia.
  • Record Label: B'in Music Co, Ltd
  • Albums: Alone The Way (為你的寂寞唱歌); Unforgettable (忘不記);
  • Popular Songs: Fate (命運); See Through (看透); Dust (塵埃); Unforgettable (忘不記)
  • Awards: Hit FM Highly Praised Award of the 5th World Pop Music Billboard
  • The guest singer of 2016 Taiwan Presidential Inauguration Ceremony
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We all want to be the most perfect person in our lovers' eyes. However, if you must pretend all the time in a relationship...
Included in JiaJia's (家家) third album with the same name, Still Missing (還是想念) is the Chinese Propaganda of...
  • Albums
  • Still Missing (還是想念)
  • Album  ·  December 30, 2016
  1. Jia Jia Song (家家歌)
  2. See Through (看透)
  3. Still Missing (還是想念)
  4. Drift (漂流)
  5. HEY
  6. Peace In Love (相愛無事)
  7. Lover Prepares (愛人的自我修養)
  8. Take Me Home (帶我回家)
  9. I Love You Bon Bon
  10. Let Go (無關了)
  11. Playhouse (家家酒)
  12. She was beautiful (曾經美麗過)
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