• Title: Playhouse (家家酒)
  • Artist: JiaJia
  • Runtime: 4:47   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: April 2, 2017

We all want to be the most perfect person in our lovers' eyes. However, if you must pretend all the time in a relationship like playing house, is that still true love? In JiaJia's (家家) "Playhouse" (家家酒), she explained in detail how love should be.

Included in JiaJia's most recent album "Still Missing" (還是想念), "Playhouse" is the ending song for Taiwaness drama "The Perfect Match" (極品絕配). The lyrics of the song started with apologizing for being tired of pretending and imitating, and guided its audience to rethink their own relationships. The world would be perfect if everything could go as written in a script. Unfortunately, the script can't truly reflect people how to think and feel, just as love is not playhouse.

While Playhouse meant to be a sad song, the music video surprisingly turned it into a magical fairy tale. In the MV, JiaJia transfigured into a beautiful witch, and emphasized the childlike and happy side of being in a "playhouse" love. Interacting with a cute girl, JiaJia used her magic to make the girl's dream become true, just as the power of love can turn impossible into possibilities.

Love is a serious relationship with a lot of power. It is not playhouse where you can give up and call it game over. Rather, it needs a lot of patience and responsibility to manage. Only when you devote all your heart into love, you can found its true meaning. JiaJia’s concert tour in Taiwan are still undergoing, so act quick before the tickets are sold out!

Watch Playhouse - The Perfect Match - End Song
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