• Title: Hallelujah (할렐루야)
  • Artist: Jimin
  • Runtime: 3:18   Language: Korean
  • Date: November 5, 2017

AOA’s Jimin exclaims her feelings for her man with the new Latin pop song “Hallelujah” which featured in her new collaboration project with fashion magazine W Korea entitled “#RTJ (Ready to Jimin)”.

The lyrics of the song recounts the first time she met him, and how he captured all her attention. She was wrapped in confusion. Who was he that he was able to make her go to him, step by step, without her even knowing? His looks go against her rules yet he stirred her heart. She wanted to act all chic, looking all busy and tough, detached and disinterested. Yet, the moment she saw him, her interest was piqued, and she could only cry out the Hebrew exclamation “Hallelujah”! She worries about him playing with her, and worries about the idea of losing him. She’s completely bewitched by him, yet she pretends to be completely fine, and in return he pretends not to know how she’s feeling even when he does.

Hallelujah” is an addictive song that is spiced up into a simplistic music fashion film that brings your focus into Jimin’s sultry dance performance. Go check out the music video slash fashion film, and get “Hallelujah” on your repeat list.

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