• Title: Choo Choo SHITAIN
  • Artist: JINTAKA
  • Runtime: 3:56   Language: Japanese
  • Date: September 25, 2016

"Choo Choo SHITAIN" is the newest (and so far only) single of JINTAKA, a new two-person unit comprised of Jin Akanishi and Takayuki Yamada. "Choo Choo SHITAIN" is unique and simple in that nearly every single lyric is either a "giongo" or a "gitaigo," onomatopoeic words in Japanese that can express sounds or adverbs. The song was composed and written by the two members of JINTAKA.

In the MV, the two members enter what seems to be an exclusive club, and are transported on a strange psychedelic trip after putting on silver and gold lip color. Much of the brightly colored, whirldwind trip seems very tactile -- hair shaking, hands grasping, heads bobbing -- so perhaps the giongo and gitaigo are meant to describe JINTAKA's sensations and state of mind as they experience these things. When the trip ends, they find themselves still in the club, which is now dark and empty. They lean in to kiss, and the video ends.

On October 3rd, JINTAKA will be holding a special event in Japan to commemorate the release of "Choo Choo SHITAIN."

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