• Bio
  • JJ Lin (林俊杰 Lin Jun Jie)
  • Born on March 27, 1981 (Aries) in Singapore
  • Performed as backup vocalist and writing songs for various artistes after he was discovered by Ocean Butterflies Music Forest in an organised training course; debuted in 2003 and subsequently rose to fame as his debut album won the 15th Golden Melody Awards in 2004.
  • Record labels: Ocean Butteflies, Warner Music Taiwan
  • Popular songs: "She Says", "Forever", "Eyes that Smile", "Cao Cao", "If Only", “Remember”, “River South”
  • Awards: Best New Artist from 15th Taiwan Golden Melody Awards, Best Composing Artiste from 12th China Music Awards, Most Popular Composing Artist from Global Chinese Music Awards, Most Popular Male Artist & Best Producer from Beijing Music Awards, Artist of the Year in Singapore from 16th Mnet Asian Music Awards
  • Videos
Composed by JJ Lin (林俊傑) and written by Chang Sier (張思爾), Sanctuary (聖所) is the lead track of JJ's most...
How can a person be little and big at the same time? Although it does not make logical sense, you may be able to find the...
What’s better than waking up to JJ Lin singing a romantic morning song to you? The 360 degree music video “A Song...
How many heroes in your life have you left forgotten? Twilight starts with a powerful piano introduction, bringing viewers into...
  • Albums
  • Message In A Bottle (偉大的渺小)
  • Album  ·  November 25, 2017
  1. Sanctuary (聖所)
  2. Little Big Us (偉大的渺小)
  3. Stay (穿越)
  4. Shadows (四點四十四)
  5. Eagle's Eye (我繼續)
  6. Paper Clouds (剪雲者)
  7. 53 Dawns (黑夜問白天)
  8. Own The Day (丹寧執著)
  9. Destiny (身為風帆)
  10. Message In A Bottle (小瓶子)
  11. Until The Day
  • From M.E. to Myself
  • Album  ·  December 25, 2015
  1. Tuning Up (調音)
  2. Twilight (不為誰而作的歌)
  3. Intermission (中場休息)
  4. The Key (關鍵詞)
  5. By Your Side (Bedtime) (只要有你的地方)
  6. A Song For You Till the End of Time (彈唱)
  7. Adolescent (有夢不難)
  8. Welcome to the Livehouse
  9. Too Bad
  10. Roll On (Livehouse) (你, 有沒有過)
  11. 12 Years (12年前)
  12. No Longer Us (現在的我和她)
  13. The Beach Arrival (海邊 初)
  14. Liar and Accuser
  15. The Lone Ranger (獨舞)
  16. The Beach Departure (海邊 終)
  17. Roll On (你, 有沒有過)
  18. By Your Side (只要有你的地方)
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