• Title: Sanctuary (聖所)
  • Artist: JJ Lin
  • Runtime: 4:00   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: April 14, 2018

Composed by JJ Lin (林俊傑) and written by Chang Sier (張思爾), Sanctuary (聖所) is the lead track of JJ's most recent album Little Big Us (偉大的渺小). The song used the EDM electronic style and deep spatial sense of rhythm, indicated JJ's innovation and improvement in music production.

The lyrics of the song started with an emotional leader's perspective, and extended the hands to those need encouragement and motivation. When the hope is gone and belief is in question, people need the peace of mind and the sanctuary to rebuild their believes. The song delivered a strong message that move forward can lead to freedom, and the sanctuary can help people go through the difficulties and work towards the bright future.

The music video used neon and glasses to visualize the sanctuary, with a group of dancers representing those lost their directions and needed help. As the leader of the group, JJ modeled the way to hope with his dancing steps, and guided the audience through the corridor to the new world, which is bigger, better, and brighter place that full of hope.

Everyone may face barriers or lose hope at some point of life. It is definitely a hard decision to make while standing in front of the intersection of giving up and going forward. That's when people need a sanctuary to lead the way to bright and positive, so that they go down to the right direction in life. This is the meaning JJ delivered with his powerful voice and beautiful rhythm in sanctuary.

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