• Title: Adultescence (童裝高跟鞋)
  • Artist: Jocelyn C
  • Runtime: 3:49   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: November 6, 2016

For most of us, when we were little, we could not wait to grow up; however, when we became adults, we started missing the precious but gone times of our childhood. This is also Jocelyn C's (陳明憙) inspiration to compose her new song, “Adultescence” (童裝高跟鞋), included in her newest album of the same name.

The lyrics emphasized the conflict of emotions regarding growing-up at different life stages, in which she wished herself being exceptionally successful woman sometimes, but being innocent and pure at other times. Then the heels designed for children came into play, and blended the characteristics of both being mature and childlike.

In the music video, Jocelyn put on the children heels described in her song, and created a figure with these heels and a fabulous dress, symbolizing she was a combination of mature and innocence. The scenes of the video changed between a fairy-tale like environment with giant chessboard, castle, birds and vicissitudes of life with forest and desert. In the twilight, she saw herself when she was young, and they together found her dream guitar in the desert. When Jocelyn waved goodbye to the little herself, she went back to the real-life, leaving her sweet memory of childhood deep in her heart.

Our lives may require us to act like adults, but we should all keep the innocent and pure from our childhood within our heart, because these are precious memories we can never forget.

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