• Bio
  • Joey Yung (容祖兒)
  • Born in Hong Kong on June 16, 1980 (Gemini)
  • One of the top female singers in Hong Kong, debuted in 1999 with album EP, Joey EP.
  • Record Label: EEG
  • Popular songs: "All Summer Holiday" (全身暑假), "Sobbing" (啜泣), "Immune To Break Up" (習慣失戀), "My Pride" (我的驕傲), "Only You In The World" (世上只有), "Serial Drama" (連續劇)
  • Albums: Joey EP, My Pride, Give Love A Break, Airport, Little Day
  • Awards: JSG Awards (Most Popular Female Singer), IFPI Hong Kong Album Sales Awards, Four Station Joint Music Awards
  • Videos
Joey Yung released a new Mandarin song, Di Yi Bai Ge Wo (第一百個我), with an almost 8 minutes long MV, that features her...
Who understands a Gemini? Joey Yung, a Gemini herself, sings the soul of a Gemini in her new song “No One Knows...
Composed by Yuta and Iki from Korea (lyrics written by Wyman Wong 黃偉文), "Available" (我好得閒) signals Joey...
  • Albums
  • Di Yi Bai Ge Wo (第一百個我)
  • Single  ·  November 23, 2016
  1. Di Yi Bai Ge Wo (第一百個我)
  2. Di Yi Bai Ge Wo (第一百個我) (KTV version)
  3. Di Yi Bai Ge Wo (第一百個我) (Instrumental Version)
  4. Di Yi Bai Ge Wo (第一百個我) (Joey Yung’s Interpretation)
  • J-POP
  • Album  ·  June 16, 2016
  1. Coffee or?
  2. Huang Hun Dian Chang Ji (黃昏點唱機)
  3. Gotta Get High
  4. Gimme A Call
  5. Available (我好得閒)
  6. Upstart (新貴)
  7. No One Knows Gemini (我人知道雙子座)
  8. Players (玩家)
  9. Yuan Yang Wa (鴛鴦襪)
  10. Flippin’
  11. Shan Guang Dan – OT: FTG (閃光彈)
  12. Ne Du. Yi Ran Xi (呢度.依然系)
  • Available (我好得閒)
  • Single  ·  February 5, 2016
  1. Available (我好得閒)
  2. Available (我好得閒) (KTV version)
  3. Available (我好得閒) (Instrumental Version)
  4. Available (我好得閒) (Joey Yung’s Interpretation)
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