• Title: Di Yi Bai Ge Wo (第一百個我)
  • Artist: Joey Yung
  • Runtime: 7:59   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: December 4, 2016

Joey Yung released a new Mandarin song, Di Yi Bai Ge Wo (第一百個我), with an almost 8 minutes long MV, that features her great acting skills.

This ballad, composed by singer-songwriter JJ Lin and written by Hong Kong lyricist Yee Kay Yeung, expresses a superstar’s sense of loneliness as she has a different side of her that nobody understands. In the lyrics, the superstar recounted all the things that the man she loves had said, including the side of her who is always smiling, watching her weight and acting tough. Yet he did not seem to know that there is a side of her who feels lonely, who wants to drink a cup of coke and wants to wait for love, but couldn’t because she is a superstar.

The lyrics are expressed through the MV (directed by DJ Chen), where Joey acted as the superstar, and Taiwanese actor Chou Ming-Yu (周明宇) acted as the lobby manager who maintains an ambiguous relationship with her. They seem to have feelings for each other but till the end, nobody confessed to it because of the duties of their job.

The sense of loneliness and the desire to be understood expressed through the song and MV is not only true for superstars, it also speaks to anyone who is feeling tired of living under a facade.

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