• Bio
  • Joyce Chu (朱主愛)
  • Nickname Siyecao (四葉草) which means “four-leaf clover”
  • Born in Malaysia on March 7, 1997 (Pisces)
  • Malaysian Mandopop singer
  • Debuted in 2014 with her song “Malaysia Chabor”, which means Malaysian girl, as netizens uploaded her photos onto fake accounts describing her as a Korean, which annoyed her
  • Record Label: AC Music Entertainment, RED People, Avex Taiwan
  • Album: Joyce Chu
  • Popular Songs: “Malaysian Chabor”, “I Miss You”, “It's a Long Day”
  • Awards: Top 5 Exclusive KTV Songs, Outstanding Newcomer, Top 10 Hottest KTV Songs in Neway K-Awards
  • Films: Young & Fabulous (最佳伙扮)
  • Videos
In Chinese culture, mother has the same power as "God" to western countries. Mothers are not only the persons gave...
What if everyone around you has aged but you? It must be a wonderful feeling especially for women. Yet it is against the rule...
If you’re walking along an unfamiliar street in the cold Christmas night, feeling lonely and missing the warmth of your...
  • Albums
  • I Am From Four-leaf Clover (我來自四葉草)
  • Album  ·  October 31, 2017
  1. Oh My Mother! (阿娘喂)
  2. Alien Language (外星語)
  3. Love You Without A Reason (莫名其妙愛上你)
  4. Little Room (小房間)
  5. Eat You Up (吃定你)
  6. Answer the Phone! (快接電話)
  7. Mambo Island (新寶島曼波)
  8. Simple Love (小清新)
  9. Your Little Round Hand (伸出圓手)
  10. In House (家裡)
  • Together / Merry Cold Christmas
  • Single  ·  December 8, 2016
  1. Together (在一起)
  2. Merry Cold Christmas (冷冷 der 聖誕節)
  3. 321 GO!
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