• Title: Merry Cold Christmas (冷冷 der 聖誕節)
  • Artist: Joyce Chu
  • Runtime: 5:07   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: December 18, 2016

If you’re walking along an unfamiliar street in the cold Christmas night, feeling lonely and missing the warmth of your family and your hometown, Joyce Chu’s “Merry Cold Christmas” is going to cheer you up!

Joyce Chu composed “Merry Cold Christmas” with the cheery melodies of ukulele, and wrote the lyrics together with the controversial Malaysian singer-songwriter Namewee. The lyrics talk about a person, who came from a tropical country, spends her first cold Christmas overseas, missing the warmth from her friends, family and hometown.

Even though, the song was shown in Joyce's video channel last Christmas, Namewee and Morn Liew did a great job to direct this MV to give you more of a Christmas feeling. In the MV, Joyce is seen happily performing with a ukulele along the busy street, together with a few other musicians of different races and nationalities. It shows that the world has already become a global village, and even a black man can sing Mandarin songs. Therefore, people do not have to feel lonely spending Christmas in an unfamiliar place, and should enjoy having Christmas in a different way!

Watch Joyce Chu - Merry Merry Christmas - Acoustic Live
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